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We are a company that takes a very professional approach to installing ventilation systems. We work in both residential and commercial sectors.
Eximus Air Ltd. has a combined 21 years of experience in providing ventilation to offices, shopping centres and residential buildings. Our operatives were part of the team involved with the installation of ductwork on projects like Canary Wharf development, London 2012 Olympics, Westfield Shopping centres, Heathrow T2A, Bankside 2,3, Francis Crick Institute, South Bank Tower, 199WBR student accommodation and many others. We want to share the knowledge we gained and achieve our client's goals on time and cost-effectively.
We are qualified to install EN1366 and BS476 fire-rated ductwork systems. Eximus Air works closely with 1st Air Ductwork, FPL - Fire Protection Ltd, Kent Ductwork and Firetrace.

In the last few years, the company has also acquired invaluable experience working with installation leaders in residential ventilation. I have managed my installation teams and coordinated with our clients at 1 Grosvenor Sq., Gas Holder Triplets in Kings Cross, London BBC television centre, Baltimore Tower, Canary Wharf, Barts Sq. redevelopment, Chelsea Creek and Lillie sq.
We are now experts in ductwork installation, Heat recovery systems, and air-conditioned systems in the residential and commercial sectors.

We provide the following services:

Project management and Sub-Contracting

As a company we can take on Ductwork install Packages on Sub-Contract basis, and also provide the management of the project.

We have CSCS qualified managers and supervisors, ductwork fitters, improvers and fitter`s mates.

All the current operatives has been working together for some years and have formed a very reliable and well performing team.

Supply and fit packages
Coordination and Design and Build on site

In an ideal world, all M&E services should be well coordinated before the installation work begins. However, the mistakes are being made in that respect, and then problems are occurring on-site during installation.

We can help here too.

We were involved in many projects where unplanned Design and Build approach was required, and we have managed to get over the challenges and finish projects on time and budget.

We can undertake the following works on supply and fit basis: office refurbishment, retail shops fit out, restaurants, residential properties.

We provide fast quotations with a very competitive price. 

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